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Being outed by Anonymous on Fri Nov 28, 2014 7:43 pm
Well what a shit day this has become. It appears that someone has tried outing me on Facebook by simply posting the status “It’s all about INSERT ESCORT NAME HERE”. It got a few likes then was swiftly deleted. This maybe a total coincidence but the odds look low. I take particular interest in how he has purposely capitalised my name. I have so far cross examined the perpetrators phone numbers and have no fishy emails or texts. So far, no fall out. The person who posted this is a landlord of a pub I regularly drink in. And no, he isn’t a punter, and neither are any of his friends as far as I am aware.

The one thing that is going to keep me up tonight is the motivation. Why would he do such an asshole thing? We all know how touchy our apparently liberal society is towards sex and the sex trade, so he knew it could cause damage. Personal and professional damage. This is not a joking matter. Perhaps he realised this before taking it down. We have always had a civil if distant relationship, I don’t...

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Embarrassing Bodies by Anonymous on Fri May 27, 2016 4:09 pm
I receive compliments on an almost daily basis which herald the shapeliness of my figure, the attractiveness of my face and the breadth of my mind.

Notable compliments include:

“Your body is like a painting.”
“You are as pretty as an angel.”
“You have such a dirty smile.”

My personal favourites:

“You are the thinking man’s crumpet.”
“Honestly, if you were stood next to Cheryl Cole, I’d still pick you.”
“Wow, you have a real Venus figure.”

Some of my not so favourites, but you’ve gotta work with what you’ve got:

“I love your cuddly bits.”
“I’ve never been with a BBW before but this is great!”
“You’re attractive enough, but I love your fat arse.”
“Your toes are perfectly formed.”

Allow me a moment to remind you, that I am far from what lads these days would describe as ‘fit’. I am always the donkey to a racehorse friend. Forever the dumpy sidekick. I assure you that I would never turn heads in a bar. I was bullied at school for being overweight, settled for a sub-standard boyfri...

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Liz of Horsham by Georgius on Mon Sep 29, 2014 2:25 pm
I visited this lady a little while ago and much enjoyed meeting her. Does anyone know if she is still working as I've been unable to get in touch.

...And then I felt like I was having a smear test by Anonymous on Tue Jul 19, 2016 11:56 am
Common sense should prevail, but it’s rare that a man understands the fragility and precision that should be involved in fingering. Usually it is a case of shoving as many fingers as deep as possible, at a speed as fast as the arm will allow.

The female genitals are far more sensitive and delicate than yours. Would you go to a rose garden and start smashing up the bushes with a baseball bat? No. Because that’s usually what fingering feels like. Handle us with care. Ever seen a museum curator get his gloves on and leaf through an ancient text? Do that.

One finger always suffices. Go in 3 inches at the most and feel for the g-spot on the front wall. A slight ‘come-hither’ motion is enough to stimulate the clusters of nerves. Go any deeper and you’ll be punching my cervix. Yes, it bruises easily and no, it’s not nice.

If it feels a touch dry, it is perfectly acceptable to reach for the lube. It is right there on the side. Please refrain from spitting. I know you’ve seen it in porn bu...

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Giving up punting by Anonymous on Sat Sep 27, 2014 8:26 pm
Thought you guys may like an update?
I went three weeks without sex and was doing ok until O bumped into my regular girl who was looking really hot in her short dress, she borrowed £30 from me so I felt obliged to meet her a few days later for sex, had some fun and paid her the balance and arranged to see her again 5 days later and am seeing her again next Tuesday.

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