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Dominatrix service, corporal punishment, spanking by MistressPurdey on Wed Nov 08, 2017 12:46 pm
As the cold autumn nights draw in, how about booking for a spanking session, it is sure to warm you up, call 07743 555083

Please read by Frazerlittle on Sun Oct 08, 2017 3:24 pm
New to the game of escorting but what I lack in experience I make up in good looks and confidence, so I’m going to be offering my services for £40 an hour cash upfront if you can’t get hold of me text me or email me. Who wants to be my first port of call then? Don’t be shy!

The Final Curtain by Anonymous on Thu Mar 23, 2017 5:24 pm
I thought there would be some sort of grand finale or fan fair, but it’s quite the opposite. I’m happy to unceremoniously slip away. I pondered on whether even to bother posting this blog. But I thought, considering I’ve met so many genuinely lovely people over the years, it would be rude not to announce that I’m hanging up my stockings.
This time last year I was a resolute bachelor with often more money than sense, an insatiable appetite for partying and an absolute disdain for marriage, babies and that whole ‘settling down’ shit. But a lot can happen in a year…

About this time last year, I had struck quite a spark with a new regular, to the point where we broke the golden rules of the game – he stopped paying pretty quickly. I had been in these scenarios before; the guy says he wants to be your boyfriend, you put out, then realise it was all a game to get free sex. But this one was different. He showered me in more affection and sensuality than I knew was possible and was willing to ...

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NEW Suspension Bench, Cage, St Andrews Cross, Stocks etc by Ms-Ryder on Mon Feb 27, 2017 10:08 am
Sunday evening has been simply brilliant with the arrival of the marvellous Nigel and his assistant from with my new fantastic custom made piece of dungeon equipment.
Requests I have received over the last 2 years of owning my own premises and not having to hire others has been the following:

St Andrews Cross

Suspension Bench

Floating suspension and pallet wrap board

Luxury padded laying area (can be used for massage too)

A robust Cage

Set of Stocks, these fully adjustable

I now have a multipurpose gorgeous bespoke all singing/dancing piece of furniture that incorporates all mentioned!
The floating board, St Andrews Cross are fully removeable and Stocks adjustable for height.

I still have my wonderful bench for CP and pegging from the same supplier and my Gyno bench set up in my medical room. Also my smother box for face sitting...

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A move is on the horizon by Anonymous on Sat Jan 28, 2017 1:14 pm
You may or may not have noticed that my blogs are slowly dribbling away. I guess that’s an inevitable side effect of my ‘real life’ taking over. Things are tickety-boo in my universe though so no worries. Without divulging too much I’ll try to fill you in…
In a week’s time I shall be giving my landlord a month’s notice and searching for a flat towards Seaford or Eastbourne. I’m fussy though. I want a balcony, a sea view, 2 double bedrooms, leeway for a fluffy pet, an allocated parking space, a quiet road, a discreet entrance, south facing windows, my own front door…

I have had the time of my life in Brighton for the past couple of years but my priorities are changing. Many of you may be aware that I legit work from home – almost totally full time now – and it’s getting to the point where I’m yearning for a home office. A woman cave if you will. But this requires space, and you can get way more bang for your buck outside of the Brighton city walls.

If I were the sort of person to laz...

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