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 Post subject: For the Married Men
Permanent LinkPosted: Tue Oct 13, 2015 2:17 pm 
Almost every day I meet a married man who recounts the same old story – “I love my wife, I really don’t want to have an affair. We don’t have sex, but I still have needs.” I regularly lend a sympathetic ear to the fundamental truth that lengthy monogamous situations go awry.

Some of these fellas have a glint of guilt in their eye, and others have compartmentalised the best way they can. I’ve unfortunately seen some poor fellas buckle at the knees and run out with their member flapping in the breeze, moments after climax. It is the story as old as time – it is genetically inevitable that long term relationships get to this stage. Men have unlimited sperm, whereas women have limited eggs. It’s essentially about how much hassle sex is. For women, the cost is higher so more thought is put into when to open her legs. Men are willing and able to spray it about like an Israeli hosepipe during drought well into their silver fox period (and beyond). But, don't feel bad for it - blame your DNA. I'm certainly not going to judge.

A friend recently said “I wouldn’t want me husband cheating with an escort.” My diplomatic response to this was that it isn’t cheating, it’s a physical transaction akin to going to the gym, getting your nails done, going down the bookies… [Enter preferable hobby here]. Maybe people view sexual services as corrosive and damaging for all parties involved, but I have a more positive theory. I thoroughly believe I am helping marriages. The punter walks out of my door with a spring in his step and a smile on his face, he will go home to his wife and be more relaxed and less stressed. He won’t be hassling his wife for a quick ‘lights off missionary’ and who knows, as a result she might put out.

They say that relationships are about compromise don’t they? Well I think we need to work on this. Just because the woman has shut up shop doesn’t mean that she has the right to expect her man to do the same. It’s almost unethical considering how sex and testosterone are linked with health. If I ever found myself in a long term relationship again I would suggest a pre-nup deal, almost like a living will, which deals with the fragile issues of how each other would meet their needs if the other couldn’t bring the party. We certainly need to start a dialogue because the situation isn’t going away. I have even met punters who say that their wife has chosen me to fulfil the sexual side of their relationship due to pregnancy/illness/age. Brave and strong women!

In other news, I have planned a quick break early November to Wales and the Westcountry to fulfil family and friend obligations. So, kill 2 birds ‘n’ all that, I have booked a photo shoot. Hopefully my hair will look better this time and we can finally get the steamy bathroom shots that I want so badly! As always, if you have any requests of what kind of photos/outfits you would like to see, answers on a post card please.

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