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    I was meaning using the adultwork name you use to contact girls with/leave feedback etc so at least the escorts being discussed have fair warning as to who thinks its ok to openly discuss what goes on behind closed doors once the paperwork is taken care of.
    (Or on the other hand so that the punters using the site know which escort is running it posing as fellow punter and has access to all their log in info/msging info etc.)

    Each to their own I supose but its a flawed system the review forum concept in my opinion.. people have and always will have many motivations of their own for leaving reviews (in all sectors) encouraging anoynimity is basically encouraging the corruption of your information.thus voiding the nessecity for forums/review sites completely.

    The last paragraph just made me laugh. Like really properly laugh.
    I dont understand the back story of wanting to bring back SS from the dead but suposedly not having frequented the site in the past hahahaha.

    I would wish you good luck in your quest to bring SS back from the dead but I really do value honesty, having followed your request by text to come check out the ‘New SS’ and added some content for you I wont be joining in the discussions here any further.. I will let you men chat amongst yourselves and leave you with a reminder that anonymity of the source cheapens all the information provided so dont believe everything you read guys.. not if the person spouting it could just as well be any muppet from sesame street hiding behind his or her laptop.
    Happy equinox . Dont forget that reading about other peoples lives and ‘knoledge’ online is no equivelant to actually living your own life or knowing anything at all…. no matter how many hours you waste on the quest.