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Sussex Scene 1

Hi Claire. I can’t force users on the forum to use the same name/nickname they use on AW, but I’d guess most of the time they would probably do that anyway. I personally don’t have an AW name/account, and have never left feedback for anyone on there, so I can’t speak for anyone else.

Reviews on the forums are subjective, of course. But that’s the whole point of the forums, where the girls/boys being reviewed can come back and comment or give their side of events. Not all meetings go well, but if the other side is given a chance to say their piece, it usually becomes fairly obvious what happened.

I’m open to suggestions. How do you suggest we make this whole system fairer? Other than forcing users to pick the same name/nickname, I’m not sure what else we can do.

Not sure I understand your comment about bringing SS back from the dead. I’m not aware of the politics that went on before the site went down. I’d used the site a few times, read a couple of reviews. Found it useful to avoid a couple of girls that offered bb as a service. Had not used it for a few months. Then when I came back on it, I saw it had been turned into fbsm-only forum. Then it disappeared completely. I saw other people commenting on other forums about it being a loss, and thought why not bring it back.

Anyway, hope that clarifies things.
So irrespective of what happened in the past with the site, I would like the site to be useful and a good resource of information for all of us.