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Keira Hunter
Posted: Fri Nov 17, 2017 11:27 am

3monkeys wrote:
One thing I do worry about is the effect sex work has on those who provide it. This is why I usually try to see women that have reviews referencing their good nature or kindness – on the assumption that they are at least happy in their work. On this forum you are the poster child for the opposite of that – of what we all fear sex work can do to a particular type of personality.
All you do is threaten or abuse people until they leave the forum, or slander random punters and WGs for being abusive, disgusting or immoral or post pictures of yourself exulting in being abused and beaten black and blue. If I see a thread – any thread, about anything – with your name appended to it I can know as a matter of certainty that it will descend into abuse and unpleasantness. Every time. Do you not see a pattern here? Do you not the the person obsessed with abuse is you?

I know in your mind you’re fearless and brave and exciting but in reality you’re a small, disturbed woman whose life is defined by abuse. The sort of prostitute people who campaign against prostitution think prostitutes are like.

You rant and rage against escorts and customers alike – so much so that the attacks and accusations have become meaningless noise. Indeed they almost become recommendations: whomever you hate is almost certainly a nice, non-abusive person. I’ve seen a couple of the women you’ve attacked on this forum and guess what? They’re very nice. When they met me they thought I was very nice, too. We were amused at how you had brought us together. Being attacked by you is as good a guarantee of someone’s good nature as it’s possible to get online. So, thank you for helping nice people find each other.

Anyway. I’m going to again suggest that you you get help (which I know is fruitless because it’s not you, it’s everybody else right?) and again pop you and your aliases back on ignore (which is awesome).

Wow, what a heartfelt rant, what an effort. You had me in tears. Bring out the violins. :rofl: what is abuse? Where have I abused poor little you on this thread? I highlighted there are bugchasing punters asking for bareback and you’re the one that responded cause the shoe fits? I shouldn’t have called you bugchaser after you admitted barebacking prostitutes in Thailand? why I’m very sorry I brought it to light, it’s just that I thought you’re still very proud of it. :rofl: I’m not a nice person? Let me put that straight once and for all so that you don’t have any illusions,I never will be to barebacking punters and for love of my life can’t see why I should be. Cheerio :)!