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Sir Bonkers
Posted: Sat Aug 26, 2017 7:56 am

wembley wrote:

Sir Bonkers wrote:
If you spent less time in the pub drinking you may be surprised as ti club xs no thanks

Or sat outside the pub drinking? Or stood outside drinking or smoking when I used to smoke? Or eating somewhere on George Street or elsewhere in the Old Town? Or walking along George Street or elsewhere in The Old Town at any given hour? Or having coffee on George Street or elsewhere in The Old Town? Or talking to other people who regularly do the same, such as bar-staff and licensees etc who haven’t ever mentioned girls soliciting on there because it doesn’t happen……….regularly for the best part of 25 years?

Years back you never saw the police in the Old Town in an evening, but when the licensing laws were relaxed and the demographics of the Old Town drinker changed you now do. Ever heard of the police feeling any collars over this or any complaints made by license holders, business owners, residents etc?

I think I know what I’m talking about here and you don’t.

I suggest you take a walk along by the cash machine as I have seen and been approached there on more then one occasion, having sat in a restaurant close by have also seen the same ladies pick up a bloke and return after a short period of time, they take them to the other end of George Street and up the West Hill, if you want to arrange to buy me a glass of wine one night I’m happy to point them out to you, but make it a Minday night as have never seen them in a Friday.