Reply To: "Red light" areas???

Sussex Scene 1

Posted: Sat Aug 26, 2017 8:38 am

Sir Bonkers wrote:
I suggest you take a walk along by the cash machine as I have seen and been approached there on more then one occasion, having sat in a restaurant close by have also seen the same ladies pick up a bloke and return after a short period of time, they take them to the other end of George Street and up the West Hill, if you want to arrange to buy me a glass of wine one night I’m happy to point them out to you, but make it a Minday night as have never seen them in a Friday.

I’ve withdrawn cash at that ATM more times than I care to think about. Likewise I’ve frequented The Dragon Bar, Hastings Arms, Two Bulls, Porters, Fagins many a time – I’ve never seen or heard of soliciting going on and neither’s anyone else I know – and I know plenty of people who’ve worked in the Old Town down the years too who would have a more informed view than you. That bottom of The High Street/East Hill side of George Street is a well used meeting point and pick up spot – for taxis – I’ve done it myself a fair few times. Depending on which network you’re on and where you are, mobile signals can be utterly non-existent along George Street and if you’re meeting someone it’s easier to do it at either end. It’s also all covered by CCTV cameras too. Uncanny that you’re the only one this has happened too though. :scratch:

As for going up West Hill, it’s no different to pulling a girl and ending up on the beach – we’ve all done it in the past. 🙄