Reply To: "Red light" areas???

Sussex Scene 1

Posted: Sat Aug 26, 2017 10:04 am

heisenberg wrote:

Sir Bonkers wrote:
I suggest you take a walk along by the cash machine as I have seen and been approached there on more then one occasion, having sat in a restaurant close by have also seen the same ladies pick up a bloke and return after a short period of time, they take them to the other end of George Street and up the West Hill, if you want to arrange to buy me a glass of wine one night I’m happy to point them out to you, but make it a Minday night as have never seen them in a Friday.

Cash machine by Blue Dolphin or one at the old Post Office in middle of George Street?

I think he means the ATM by Blue Dolphin – it’s very popular with foreign language students – either way he and you are talking complete shit though and thinking about it, you’re probably just an imaginary friend of his like Tingley was and are just posting to attempt to give the other’s posts credibility/trolling ie the same sad person.

I really hope you get what you deserve and get arrested and locked up for propositioning innocent and underage girls on the street. :thumbs: