Reply To: "Red light" areas???

Sussex Scene 1

Posted: Sat Aug 26, 2017 12:33 pm

heisenberg wrote:

wembley wrote:
You’re a bit of a kerb crawler aren’t you? :wanker:

I don’t drive but it’s fun seeing such a moron who doesn’t even realise they are one and thinks they know everything about everyone! Keep going, this is comedy gold!

Love the meta touch where some perv on a mongering board tries to insult people for being mongers! Loving it!

I know far more about Hastings than a sad bastard like you who wants to pick vulnerable girls up off the street.

You’re the moron pervert monger getting all excited about non-existent street walkers in Hastings Old Town – it’s comedy gold from you and alter-ego Bonkers, not me. Are you into pregnant girls too like he is too? ūüôĄ

Anyway best of luck procuring street walking junkies in George Street and approaching random strangers doing so etc – I hear the food in The Conquest Hospital is very good these days.