Reply To: Pretty Katie 23

Sussex Scene 1

    Posted: Mon Aug 21, 2017 5:51 pm

    You are very lucky… I have just come back from seeing this band of scammer.

    Not the girl on the picture at all…

    She made me wait for 20 minutes not answering calls and text after agreed to see me at 5.30 today

    Just the moment I was going to go she called me back asking me to go to a basement flat close to the Courtland Hotel

    I have decided to go as she made the effort to call me back but the girl was not the one on the picture she looked Brazilian but I cannot tell..

    No dressed up, no make up, just a sad and rude attitude

    Once inside she clearly said that the services agreed over the phone were not on offer.

    When asked why she said that I have spoken to the receptionist not her… Well I have dialed the same number all the times…

    She said the the only thing she would do was shag and that’s all.. No kisses, no touching ….nothing…

    I have complained obviously but she started texting someone and pretending she did not speak English anymore.

    I have decided then to leave before things started getting worst.

    I have wasted a hour driving through Hove at 5PM … Really things like this make me furious.

    Avoid if you can. Another foreigner scam money grabber.

    Unreliable and disgusting behavior.

    I am trying to see only British girls from now on as they are real and reliable (with some exception obviously ) but nothing to compare with these people.