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Posted: Thu Jul 13, 2017 5:53 pm

George Clooney wrote:
When I read ‘domme’ I think of tie and tease, and those profile photos with handcuffs, whips, shiny black boots with stilletos etc. The idea of all this has never appealed to me, although I will probably give it a try one day just to broaden my experience of recreational sex.

But there is another type of domme, this being where the girl instructs you how to give her pleasure. I have experienced this with the wonderful Lady of Debauchery on two occasions. The first time she instructed me very clearly and strongly how to suck her breasts/nipples (it was a repeated sequence of three moves but I say no more!) and she got authentically aroused as I started to get it right. The second time it was how to do rimming on her – again some non obvious things relating to timing, surprise, etc. I really enjoyed these lessons in love making, and when/if she starts working again I will go back for more.

Ever since then I have always encouraged other girls to give me tips on how to pleasure them, but no-one has done it. In fact, it’s rare to even get a ‘ooh, that’s nice’ when I can see damn well that she is enjoying my best massage moves or whatever. And even when I get the girl to cum (maybe half of my bookings) I have never once had verbal guidance leading up to it, such as ‘yes, dont stop’ or how to work my fingers, tongue etc. I just have to watch her face and use my intuition.

So that leads me to ask why? I think the girl believes she will somehow lose control of the situation if she too obviously shows her pleasure, or asks for pleasure. We have paid, we are the client, and we should be cumming, not her. But I think this is a misjudgement of male psychology. On a longer booking (1 hour) it does wonders for the male ego to know we can pleasure a woman.

Any thoughts? And can anyone recommend a girl who has the confidence to be this second type of domme, one who can actively and erotically and imaginatively show me how to give her pleasure? And I dont mean just clit licking. What about toe sucking as an example: slow/fast, strong/gentle, how long on each toe, what can fingers be doing at same time, etc. Of course I can use my intuition, and I dont want a powerpoint presentation, but just a gasp or two and some words of encouragement would be good. And I rarely even get that.

The second type aren’t really Domme’s in the true sense of the word. However it is a kind of domination I guess. You could try Charlotte Dulce :

I am pretty sure if you tell her that this is what you want she will oblige.