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From: 3monkeys
Posted: Fri Nov 17, 2017 9:01 am

Repeating a life script sounds plausible. When I was young I was quite successful in a business which tends to attract groupies. From an early age, sex was something I was used to being offered by multiple willing partners. Now, that life ended a long time ago but the expectations remain – even though I know better.

No one who looks like I do now and isn’t hugely famous can expect streams of attractive females to throw themselves at you – and yet deep down you sort of still do.
In the UK, the illusion doesn’t work as well as in places like Thailand or Brazil – where the sex workers tend to resemble the young, enthusiastic girls I remember. Nevertheless, most weeks I still pay someone I don’t fancy to do something they’re not really into and aren’t terribly good at.

Anyway. Thanks for the therapy, Gordon. Stay safe in Black Mesa!

The biggest surprise in this thread is that my experience seems to be unique. I find that difficult to believe.