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    From: 3monkeys
    Posted: Fri Nov 17, 2017 11:46 am

    wembley wrote:

    3monkeys wrote:
    Yes I think you’re right. Your Harvey’s are my hookers. Or something.
    God it’s all so meaningless isn’t it?

    It is, but then if it was we wouldn’t do it either. It’s a total paradox without real logic. I’m not taking a moral standpoint here, just a statement of fact in that I’ve never punted whilst in a relationship. An ex-girlfriend of mine was by far the best at sex than anyone I’ve encountered – but I never got that buzz, like you do with punting, beforehand though.

    A couple of quite exquisite pints of Guinness yesterday in a pub in Hastings Old Town, served by a gorgeous, charming middle-class barmaid on a gap year, whilst reading The Times………….a couple of overpriced, warm and quite frankly mediocre pints of bitter, otherwise known as Harvey’s Best, served in a plastic glass and rushed down at football beats that every-time.

    I quite like the sound of that bar-maid.