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    Would love some real feedback on these two if anyone could share.
    Mainly because I’ve made a phone booking with each one twice.. And on those four occasions I’ve been totally messed about.

    They actually scribble the booking down while on the phone i.e. Name, duration, time.. and then when you arrive at the postcode they either don’t answer the phone or tell you that they now won’t be available until tomorrow :O

    Or they’ll simply leave their phone off on the day you’ve made a booking.

    Somebody please tell me they offer a terrible service once inside and i can call it a day.


    call it a day son head to north street brothel


    I have seen Nicola. She was okay. Average looking with a good body, very responsive, she has put her prices up from 50/100 half hour/1 hour. Still worth a punt I think.

    Sussex Guy 7

    Saw Nicola at the end of November. I can honestly say communication, via Adultwork initially & phone on the day, was good.
    Location finding & parking were easy.
    It was a full Girl Friend Experience.
    Very responsive.
    She looked younger than her age & I had a really enjoyable session.
    I do want to see Annabelle too, before long, but wouldn’t hesitate to book Nicola again.


    north street brothel? i wasnt aware there was one in eastbourne anymore?


    Managed to see Nicola the other day and while there were points where she was very enthusiastic, there was an element of “thank you, next”. Seems to have a busy schedule both within escorting and outside of it.
    Good figure for sure but facially late thirties is accurate.
    Despite knowing she was caucasian, there is something about her photos which suggest there would be someone a little exotic to greet you. Not a negative but she’s far from it.

    Would still consider trying to meet with her friend Annabelle but her rates are a bit excessive for operating on her mate’s downstairs sofa. Must be very good looking.


    Saw annabelle the other day. felt rushed the whole time. Nice pretty girl but a quick fumble on the sofa is not really my thing.


    Looks like I missed out on the early glory days of both.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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