Earls Court massage shops are ‘operating like new red-light district’

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    A proliferation of spas advertising sexually suggestive services is turning Earl’s Court into a “red-light district”, residents claim.

    Neighbours in Earl’s Court Gardens, where terraced homes sell for more than £4.5 million, have hit out over the area’s “creeping seediness”.

    The claims come in response to applications from the owners of the Ping Wellness Centre and Moon Flower Spa to renew their licences as massage parlours. Kensington and Chelsea council is now investigating complaints that the establishments are not appropriate in a residential area which is popular with families.

    Below: Ping Wellness Centre and Moon Flower Spa, Earls Court, London,

    Resident Andrew Cartlidge, a financial director, blasted what he said were “lurid” shopfronts “highly suggestive of the sex trade”, in a letter to the council’s licensing committee.

    He claimed a neighbour had been offered services of a sexual nature when visiting an unnamed local spa for a massage after a run, stating: “‘Four-hand massage’ and ‘six-hand table shower’ are amongst the services prominently proclaimed as being on offer.”

    He added: “The streaming of moving visual images onto a screen in the window of semi-naked people undergoing ‘therapies’ is also highly suggestive. It is entirely inappropriate that such services should be so luridly advertised on a residential street.”

    In another complaint to the council, banking analyst Gildas Surry said he had walked past one spa with two of his children and “was at a loss when asked to explain the nudity of the persons on the TV screens, not to mention the suggestive moves by the pair of hands caressing the body”.

    A third resident wrote: “One council ward and its transient population could not possibly provide the amount of legitimate health massage or sports therapy business to support the number of establishments that have sprung up. The mushrooming of these businesses — which are presumably highly profitable — is driving up rents for legitimate businesses, forcing them from the area. If RBKC wishes to persist in its efforts to recreate the port district of old Amsterdam in the Royal Borough, it must find a different place for it — because we do not want it in Earl’s Court.”

    The Ping Wellness Centre, which has nine treatment rooms, a sauna and a shower room, has been licensed since 2013 to provide Indian head massage and reflexology among other treatments. A manager at the centre declined to comment.
    Hanbing Zhang, owner of the adjacent Moon Flower Spa, denied it offered any sexual services. She said: “We only offer treatment massage. We don’t offer any sexual services. I don’t know why these people say this.”

    Conservative councillor Malcolm Spalding said: “I don’t want to see an Amsterdam red-light district created in Earl’s Court.”

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    More –

    Council workers found naked man, slapping sounds and female giggles during inspection of massage parlour


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    From: Chaos

    The evidence passed to the committee by police and council officers is worth a read even in its redacted from

    https://www.rbkc.gov.uk/committees/Docu … Ff55vVA%3d

    It makes strong reference to “evidence” obtained from several punting based websites relating to this shop – the full gist of this was in documents passed around at the committee meeting

    A lot of food for thought for punters here – if you post too much detail about your meetings, it may be used as a reason to investigate and remove the licence from the premises

    Although the fact of the postings is hearsay and can’t be relied on for finding of facts, this may not worry too many when looking for reasons to close a shop

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    From: cm15

    Interesting. Sad to say I read the whole thing.

    UKP – OK. Didn’t know Vice.com covered these sorts of places.

    Liked the descriptions of the punters. When you think about the other clientele it can put you off, although these don’t sound too bad.

    – A grey haired male aged about 60 wearing a long dark coat.
    – A male aged about 50 with brown hair who appeared agitated and turned and left quickly.
    – A dishevelled white male in his mid to late 60s.

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    From: funkychicken

    Well children they are special hand movements involved in eastern martial arts

    Regarding the loud slapping noise can’t see what the problem is there. I once got an escort to slap my frozen shoulder as hard as she could to loosen it and redirect the energy flow. “Harder” I ordered and she complained her hands hurt.

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