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    Copied from puntinginsussex.com

    OK So I chose to go to see big tits Wendy as 1) you don’t see big tits much in Thailand and 2) it’s less of a drive than Crabtree Lane.

    IMHO the massage was poor and the HR + B2B consisted of her stripping naked and jerking me off. It was OK but no sensual buildup (which I like) and straight to the cock. I didn’t touch her much as she didn’t seem to want me to (maybe was oversensitive to this but I don’t like to touch people unless they seem to like it).

    Another weird thing is she asked me upfront what I wanted to do “after” – then took all the money. Usually they take the massage money and keep the extras for themselves. I had £80 on me so maybe you get a proper B2B if you pay more than £35 but I think 80 is more than enough for an hour + HR with a middle aged lady.

    As always, I came out wondering why I hadn’t just gone to Lucy in Lancing (who I texted and is still working). I wouldn’t have seen the tits etc but at least the massage would have been good and the HR is always outstanding.

    Rose is in China but is back next week. Wendy is there this week with someone called Jennifer, who I didn’t see and can’t comment on.

    Gonna copy/paste this to Sussexscene. You guys should merge btw.


    Glad you are still around James. Things arnt what they used to be in Worthing anymore. I saw Lucy before she went to China and she told me Jenny is the same Jenny who worked at B’Bs in the old days. I havnt been so cant confirm.


    Hey Peachie. Bit dead around here innit?

    I don’t remember Jenny from the BB’S days so I’m assuming she wasn’t one of the good ones. Am I wrong?

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