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      Available to independent escorts
      Please contact me for more info or to view the room.
      Lovely, clean, spacious, private room with use of private bathroom and kitchen if required.

      Daily fee – no additional charges.
      Maid service available if desired.

      Females only – room to rent (I am also female -if you want to call and/or meet somewhere in a public place for safety before coming to view the room that is totally fine I completely understand any safety concerns you may have ladies).

      If you arent local I am happy to help you with the local area etc in terms of helping your clients find you.
      Plenty of public parking near by and easy to find.

      Discreet apartment building, no problems with neighbours.

      100% zero tolerance of drugs use in or in close proximity of the building.
      No parties, this room will always be presented to you in a perfectly clean and ready to use condition.

      This room would suit a professional indi escort who understands the benefit of professional discretion.

      Lovely safe area
      Brighton, Hove please contact me for further info.

      Check in as early as you want and pay a daily fee to use the room until 9pm.

      Use of the room for 9pm+ can be arranged and multiple days bookings can be arranged.

      You will have totally privacy and own set of keys to be free to go in and out.. I live near by so I can help out with any problems at any time in the day.

      Total discretion assured.

      Do not contact me if you are male, sorry this room is only available to females (trans female welcome).

      Get in touch for more info, great daily price with no additional fees aside from room fee,
      Clean linen/towels/tea and coffee making essentials/fridge/storage/wifi all included and no worries of having to be sneaky around hotel staff etc!

      This is a great opportunity for the right lady so hopefully if you think this is for you I will hear from you soon! Dont miss out ladies.



        Hi Claire,

        A friend of mine is looking for a room to work from in the Brighton/Hove area. I have told her about your room and she is interested, her working phone number is 07914 694677. If you call and leave your contact number she will call you back if you cannot get through.

        Thank You.‬


          Hi Claire,

          My friend did not hear from you, has the room gone. If you want confirmation of who she is, she is on Adult Work as English-Demi

          She would dearly love to hear from you if you have time to answer.

          Many Thanks Andy


            Admin I cant work out how to remove my did clearly say i didnt want to be contacted by men and thats all Iv had so I guess no ladies need it and no men here can read.
            Would it be possible to remove my post thanks i dont see an option maybe im missing it as im accessing on my phone



              Sorry for being a MAN, but my friend who is looking for a room is most definitely a LADY and I don’t need a room anyway. Please check her AW profile, I am only trying to help a friend in need, and I am sorry if that upsets you.


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                Hi Claire

                I’ve closed the topic, so I think nobody should be able to reply to this topic.
                Still working out how this new system works.

                Please send me a message if any further replies come through, and I’ll delete the entire thread.

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