Sussex Scene Rip-Off Report Form (RORF)

Please complete as much information as possible and then submit using the button at the bottom of the form. Your report will then be reviewed by a Sussex Scene administrator and, provided it is considered genuine, it will be published in the appropriate section of Sussex Scene within 48 hours of receipt.

Please note: To maintain your anonymity and security, we do NOT ask for your name, nickname or the date or time of your punt.

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She doesn't provide a service or services she advertises (eg. OWO, Anal, Kissing)    


She had not washed and smelt bad


She is considerably older than she claims


Her photographs are fake or heavily photo-shopped


She rushed me and did not let me have the full time I had paid for


She was incapable through drink or drugs


She (or an accomplice) stole from me


I was threatened - either by this working girl or a pimp / boyfriend / third party


The girl I saw was not the same girl I had booked ('bait and switch' scam)


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